Adult Female Defines Masculinity

The first video below is ANOTHER ADULT FEMALE DEFINING MASCULINITY. This adult female wants to see men trapped in the same old enslaving male roles of dying in wars, believing in “ladies first,” getting married in a gynocracy filled with man-hater laws, sacrificing their lives to save women, and a lot of other subservient male roles and more male subjugation.

A man’s masculinity belongs to only him. Any guy should define his own unique concept of masculinity based on his values and belief system. The old way since the beginning of time was having men being slaughtered by the millions in war, men enslaved to an anti-male concept of marriage, and a lot of unneccesary male suffering and unnecessary male deaths.

Time to tell the gynocracy that it doesn’t define male masculinity anymore. YOUR MALE MASCULINITY BELONGS TO YOU, not the gynocracy. As a guy, I say to Allie Stuckey who narrates the first video below, MY MASCULINITY BELONGS TO ME, I alone will define MY masculinity in the context of the society in which I live based on my own male beliefs and values. Allie Stuckey, put YOUR GYNOCENTRIC definition of masculinity where the sun doesn’t shine. As a guy, defining my own masculinity is MY “Masculinity Choice.”

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