Alimony Gangsterism

The term, Alimony Racket, is a term put forth by the blog, The Unknown History of Misandry. The blog defines the term alimony racket as: “Alimony Racket, the term, refers not to justifiable alimony, but rather to the long-practiced rackets perpetrated by predatory women against men they deliberately schemed to make into their indentured servants through scams and frauds.” In other words, an informal definition of the word, “racket” is “an illegal or dishonest scheme for obtaining money.” The blog also has many articles on alimony and other topics of interest to freedom loving men.

Obviously, the whole concept of alimony is an anachronistic practice that negatively impacts men on financial, social, and psychological levels. Not only are men’s wealth and income forcibly confiscated by an anti-male government, but the psychological damage of knowing that alimony makes alimony-paying males into “indentured servants” can be a source of overwhelming frustration. The blog, The Unknown History of Misandry is an asset to the manosphere.

Yes, the alimony scam is a gangster racket that continues to enslave men in the American Gynocracy.

Video: Alimony: A Woman’s Jackpot