As the image above illustrates, it is generally accepted that there is no problem in ridiculing, demonizing, or belittling men. When men are ridiculed in this manner, it becomes easier to take away their rights. There is no doubt that any form of feminism is a societal force that encourages any society to turn a blind eye to the rights of men. It is a formidable roadblock to male happiness anytime men’s rights are trampled upon. Any societal push back against feminist dogma is a positive thing for men’s rights.  Anti-feminism is something that goes against the demonizing of men which makes it something good for men.

Contemporary feminism is very different from the original feminism which some call classical feminism. There is a growing awareness that Feminism has led a large percentage of the population in the Western World to go astray as evidenced by the high divorce rates, fatherless homes, crime-ridden urban and rural areas and more social dysfunction.

Third Wave Feminism, Neofeminism or whatever you call it, the feminist paradigm has its theoretical underpinnings in Marxism, misandry, and maybe even Satanism. It seems that the current state of feminism has changed into a man-hater, female supremacist dogmatic movement that is causing a growing resistance to it on the part of rational thinking people who utilize logical reasoning skills. In any case, any type of feminism is part of the larger Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force as explained in the book, Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization. The videos below point to the fact there is a growing awareness that it is time to abandon the current feminist idiocy and move on to a more positive male-female relationship paradigm.

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