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Beyond Gynocentrism

How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization
Book One

There are good women, and there are bad women. How do you protect yourself against the bad women? How can you protect your career and social life?

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Have you seen your male friends have false accusations launched against them at work or in their social life? False accusations of rape, false accusations of domestic violence, and other false accusations against guys are almost commonplace now. Have you or any of your male friends gotten a bad deal in divorce courts? If you or your male friends have had similar problems, you need this book!

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There is a sinister social force at work that has ruined the careers and social lives of countless numbers of guys, and it has existed for thousands of years.

What’s inside


Female Predatory Aggression


Winning Against Female Predatory Aggression


What is Being Beyond Gynocentrism?


What are Gynocentric Business Deals?


What are Male Sovereign Self-Defense Principles?


Will Mankind Become Extinct?

        An Ancient, Malevolent Social Force

There is a well-organized, often hidden and malevolent social force that has shaped mankind’s social hierarchy for thousands of years. It exists as a social force that hides beneath the surface of human society until it manifests itself to cause needless male deaths and needless male suffering. It has caused the destruction of the careers of countless numbers of guys. Today, countless numbers of men are victims of false accusations of sexual harassment and domestic violence, and there is open discrimination against men in divorce courts. The creation of written sinister divorce laws that first appeared thousands of years ago in Sumer were motivated by this malevolent social force, and they were written before the Code of Hammurabai. The male suicide rate is three to four times the female suicide rate, and workplace laws favor women over men. There are countless more examples of the proof of the existence of the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force in all areas of society throughout human history, and it has created a social hierarchy where guys do the backbreaking jobs of society and are railroaded into the hell of only-guys-die battlefields. Wartime direct combat deaths have always been overwhelmingly male deaths since healthy adult females have not taken the moral responsibility to sacrifice their lives on an equal basis with the men in times of war. In World War I, one estimate is that 8,528,831 guys died in the only-guys-die battlefields of this horrible war. When you count the wounded and missing, the needless male deaths and needless male suffering, the number of male casualties rises to 37,468,904. What would convince 37 million guys to go to war to get killed, wounded, or become missing in action? A sinister social force called Predatory Gynocentrism that uses malevolent propaganda as one of its many tactical weapons is the culprit.



A different point of view to help guys recognize predatory adult females that can do a guy a lot of harm. Easy-to-read text. Lots of images to help visualize new ideas introduced in the book. 107 information-packed pages!

Available for immediate download after your purchase.

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