Civilization and Woke Narcissism

Since prehistoric times predatory social forces have existed within humanity’s civilization, and one characteristic that they all share in common is the development of a formal or informal pernicious ideology. Such pernicious ideologies arise from the ideas and behavior of malevolent individuals with an anti-civilizational mindset. The societal infrastructure of civilization has always been greatly shaped by both the civilizing and malevolent parts of human nature.

Part One – “Woke narcissism” is a term used to describe a perceived phenomenon where individuals or groups, often associated with progressive or leftist ideologies, exhibit behaviors that are characterized by a combination of social justice advocacy and narcissistic traits.

Key Characteristics of Woke Narcissism:

  1. Lack of Genuine Self: According to Mark Judge in the Washington Examiner, woke individuals are described as lacking a stable sense of self, history, and confidence. This emptiness leads them to seek meaning through radical politics and social justice causes, often resulting in behavior that appears narcissistic[1].
  2. Virtue Signaling: Woke narcissism often involves virtue signaling, where individuals publicly display their moral superiority by advocating for social issues, sometimes more for personal validation than genuine concern. This behavior is likened to the Pharisees’ public displays of piety in ancient times[4].
  3. Manipulation and Exploitation: On Reddit, it is suggested that narcissists within the woke movement use social issues to manipulate and exploit others, creating confusion between genuine social awareness and self-serving behavior. This manipulation can lead to exploitation of social circles and labor[2].
  4. Collective Narcissism: The Critical Therapy Antidote article discusses how woke movements can exhibit collective narcissism, where the group displays behaviors such as devaluing societal norms, engaging in destructive actions, and maintaining a sense of moral superiority. This collective behavior is driven by a need for self-idealization and moral self-justification[3].
  5. Psychological Underpinnings: Christopher Lasch’s analysis, as cited by Mark Judge, suggests that the psychological development of individuals in the later 20th century has led to a “minimal self,” dependent on external validation from government, corporations, and radical politics. This dependency fosters a narcissistic personality that seeks meaning through external sources rather than a stable internal identity[1].

Summary for Part One – Woke narcissism is a complex interplay of social justice advocacy and narcissistic behavior. It involves a lack of genuine self, virtue signaling, manipulation, and collective narcissism. The term critiques how some individuals within progressive movements may use social issues for personal validation and moral superiority, rather than genuine concern for the causes they advocate.

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Part Two – Woke narcissism is a term used to describe behaviors within certain progressive or social justice movements that exhibit narcissistic traits. Here are some examples of woke narcissism in modern society, based on the provided sources:

  1. Victimhood and Moral Superiority: Woke narcissists often claim a status of victimhood, which grants them moral superiority and social privileges. This status is based on identity markers such as race, gender, or sexual orientation, which are seen as immutable and thus provide a perpetual sense of moral innocence and protection from criticism[1][7].
  2. Manipulation and Exploitation: Narcissists within the woke movement use social issues to manipulate and exploit others, creating confusion between genuine social awareness and self-serving behavior. This manipulation can lead to exploitation of social circles and labor[5].
  3. Destruction of Cultural Artifacts: Woke movements sometimes engage in the destruction of cultural artifacts, online mobbing, and trolling. This behavior is driven by a sense of moral self-justification and a desire to dismantle what is perceived as oppressive or outdated[2][3].
  4. Echo Chambers and Narcissistic Extension: Woke activists often exist within echo chambers where their beliefs and perceptions are continually affirmed. This environment reinforces their sense of moral infallibility and specialness, leading to a lack of recognition of differing subjective experiences[3].
  5. Aggressive Defensiveness and Narcissistic Rage: When their worldview is threatened, woke narcissists may exhibit aggressive defensiveness and narcissistic rage. This can manifest as hostility towards those who disagree with them or criticize their beliefs, often resulting in attempts to destroy the perceived threat[3][6].
  6. Rewriting History and Censorship: Woke movements sometimes engage in rewriting history and censoring content that does not align with their ideology. This includes altering texts, de-certifying individuals, and pressuring media platforms to censor dissenting views[6].

These examples illustrate how woke narcissism can manifest in various behaviors and attitudes within modern social justice movements, often blending genuine advocacy with self-serving and manipulative traits.
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