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Declare Your Independence from the Anti-Civilizational Weaponized Media (AWM)Below is a list of some of the Internet sites including blogs, and websites that are examples of media that contain content that is not focused on supporting predatory social forces that exist worldwide. Hopefully, someday there will be a decentralized network of media outlets and media creation talent that will replace the handful of media corporations that now form a Media Oligarchy. Our ruling elite AWM currently control the majority of news outlets, movie creation, the music we are allowed to hear in public, videos, social media, print media, and other sources of information and entertainment. Right now, most of the media tyranny comes from corporate media that are run by liberal progressive, anti-male Neo-Marxists who are essentially predatory bullies. Today, there is a serious need for a decentralized, network-based media system that is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Today, the AWM is the real enemy of the people.

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Meaningful articles and books that develop ideas about Civilization Science.

Social Media

Because of the censorship and proganda narratives of the current social media platforms controlled by tyrannical, media ruling elites, the number of freedom-loving social media platforms is experiencing rapid growth. Below are social media sites that strive to preserve freedom of speech, and the membership of each social platform listed below is growing. Freedom of speech is essential to living Beyond Gynocentrism.

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The Need for Media that is Beyond Gynocentrism

Since prehistoric times, all types of media have been used to convey messages between individuals. From images on prehistoric cave walls to cuneiform writing on clay tablets in ancient Kiengir (Sumer), media has been used to provide both malevolent propaganda narratives and useful communication that is needed between individuals within the context of social situations. Today, guys are concerned with the types of media that are utilized to convey predatory, gynocentric propaganda narratives.

Every day men and boys experience predatory, gynocentric propaganda narratives on podcasts, blogs, movies, short videos, advertisements to sell goods and services, images, video games, television, print media, radio, websites, media used in school instruction and/or indoctrination, and more. Currently, finding media that is Beyond Gynocentrism is difficult, and most of it is found on what is currently called the “manosphere,” decentralized finance, and the decentralized Web, but as awareness grows about misandry in the media, more media that is Beyond Gynocentrism will hopefully be available. The need for more male-friendly media outlets for news, entertainment, and more has never been greater. Building a post-gynocentric society will take a long time, but it is possible, and creating male-friendly media will help guys maintain their post-gynocentric lifestyles. As more men and boys start living Beyond Gynocentrism and begin to demand more media that include male-friendly narratives, media Beyond Gynocentrism will experience new growth and respect in a post-gynocentric civilization.

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