Divorce Rape in a Gynocracy

Any gynocracy looks upon all the men under its jurisdiction as one big male herd, so it easily turns a blind eye to the individual needs and wants of each man in the herd. Divorce rape is just one method that a gynocracy uses to control the wealth, income, physical conduct, and social behavior of the male herd. Once a man is legally married, his wealth, income, physical and social behavior with respect to his relationship with his wife and children come under the repressive, legal jurisdiction and control of a gynocracy. Divorce rape verifies the fact that a man’s wealth and income no longer belong to him as soon as he “signs on the dotted line” and enters into the financial and legal contract called marriage. The fact that divorce rape exists is just one more indication that we live in a gynocracy.

The use of the words, divorce rape, that we see in the online manosphere is an accurate term to describe the treatment of men who are brought under the imperial rule of any gynocracy’s anti-male family court. Of course, the adult female who starts divorce proceedings is also responsible for the divorce rape of guys. There is no doubt that divorce rape which is the financial, psychological, physical, and societal brutality inflicted on guys in modern gynocracies is motivated by a malicious, predatory gynocentrism that manifests itself on individual and societal levels. One aspect of the evil part of divorce rape is that it is premeditated.  Many women conceal their intentions to commit divorce rape until the financial and psychological brutality that can be inflicted against a guy will be at an optimal level for her.

If you want to avoid divorce rape in a gynocracy, never enter into the governmental business contract called marriage. Below are some videos with more information about divorce rape.

Video: Traditionalism = Consensual Divorce Rape