Female Entitlement Sickness

The image of the list of entitlement demands on this page was taken from a real online dating site, and its message is a perfect example of a female mindset that I call “Female Entitlement Sickness (FES).” The list of entitlement demands was shockingly not posted on the online dating website by a young, truly sexy female with a seductive body. It was posted by an unattractive 65 year old. Obviously, the elderly lady who posted her list of entitlement demands is in a state of mind that is not based on reality which is one indication of mental sickness. This is an example of a type of gynocentrism that can be detrimental to any man. Of course, no woman should ever define male masculinity the way this 65 year old defines it in her long list of entitlement demands. It’s easy to see how this elderly lady’s definition of masculinity serves gynocentrism.

The title of her list of demands is “LADIES: THIS IS A GOOD MAN.” In the first place, a man’s masculinity belongs to himself, so each man should decide what a “GOOD MAN” is in his own mind based on his own belief system and values. Secondly, no man should ever allow any woman, society, or religion to have the final word on what any man believes is real “masculinity.”



Let’s take a more focused look at some of her demands. Her first definition of masculinity is the statement, “He will love you just the way you are.” Really? In other words, a man should love any such woman just the way she is even if she is pathologically overweight, wants to get married when she is $300,000 in debt, and demands that a man do all of the household chores when they live together. This first definition of male masculinity shows that she believes that women don’t have to WORK TO EARN love or earn anything they receive from men because women should naturally be ENTITLED to everything that this mentally sick 65 year old describes in her list of things that women should demand from guys. This FES-infected 65 year old has the potential to really cause havoc in the life of any man.

The motivation for the rest of the entitlement demands are obvious. For example, the one about money, “He will help you financially” becomes even more understandable when you become aware of the fact that this 65 year old lives in the State of Arizona which is well-known for its anti-male, draconian alimony laws. In addition, it is easy to see the relationship between the two entitlement demands, “He will help you financially” and “He will not lie or cheat on you.” If he cheats, he will have less money for his wife or girlfriend.

Beware of the female of any age who is infected with Female Entitlement Sickness (FES).  Having a well-developed sense of your own masculinity will help alert you to the gynocentric agenda of any FES-infected female. If you still haven’t thought about what your masculinity means to you, there are a lot of ideas about masculinity online that you can evaluate for free. 

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