Gynocrats - America's Third Major Political Party

In 2019, Female lawmakers became the majority in the Nevada Legislature and Colorado House. The key idea here is that female lawmakers in these two States include females from both major political parties. They are both Democrats and Republicans. Nationwide, female politicians hail from all political parties. All political parties have political agendas, but all female politicians continue to push for more female lawmakers, more female state governors, more female mayors, and more females in all elected offices. Female politicians can be from every ideological persuasion including liberal, conservative, libertarian, religious, atheistic, socialist, feminist, traditional conservative, and more. They can be from every religion including Catholic, Protestant, Moslem, Buddhist, and aethist women. It doesn’t matter what ideological or religious road any female politician walks down, they all strive to acheive the same goal. The negative results for males show they all want the same thing. Let’s look at the negative results for males that has happened because of this predatory, political gynocentrism that is wanted by all Gynocrats.

In the USA, guys are a minority on university campuses while they are an overwhelming majority of the homeless. Government laws are very discriminatory against men. We all know that on the average for the same crime, women receive a less severe punishment than guys. There is a long list of anti-male laws including domestic violence laws and family law. Men are routinely brutalized on psychological, social, and financial levels in pro-female divorce courts. The suicide rate for males is three to four times the suicide rate for females. Guys are more likely to be victims of false accusations of sexual assault than women, and a large percentage of men are victims of paternity fraud. Female-centered laws reward women for commiting paternity fraud, and those women who are caught falsely accusing a guy of sexual assault are usually not punished. If a homeless guy is caught stealing a loaf of bread because he is hungry, he will spend time in the local jail. If a woman steals tens of thousands of dollars from a guy by commiting paternity fraud, family courts and society will reward her. This list of the negative results for males because of the gynocentrism of female politicians can go on and on. There is simply no room here to throughly describe the harm done to males because of the predatory, political gynocentrism in the USA.

The predatory, political gynocentrism has always existed even when there were hardly any female elected officials. In other words, the Gynocrat political party has always existed, and it was very effective in the last century in moving the USA to create the anti-male society we have today. In the last century, the Gynocrat political party achieved a large part of its political agenda with the help of men who were at the top of the male, political social hierarchy. It had to turn to manipulating such men because there simply were too few elected female politicians in the last century to move the Gynocrat’s predatory, gynocentric political agenda forward. To gain the successes of the Gynocrat Party in the last century, it used men that had gone over to the Sumerian Dark Side as described in our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization.”

Here we describe guys who have gone over to the predatory, female Dark Side as any man who furthers the political agenda of predatory, gynocentric female politicians. Also, let’s use the term, Predatory Gynocentrism, to refer to the predatory, political gynocentrism of the Gynocrat Party. The fact remains that the Predatory Gynocentrism of the Gynocrat Party was forcefully advanced in the 1900s, and its many accomplishments were realized even though there were very few female elected politicians, and in spite of the fact that there were very few females with power in the media. How do we explain this phenomenon? The answer lies in the idea of the manipulated male media ruling elites and male political ruling elites.

There are different types of manipulated males used by the Gynocrat Party where and when they have to operate undetected in stealth mode. It’s easy to imagine a mangina lawmaker being bullied by his wife to vote for an anti-male law or a powerful media executive being duped into allowing the demonizing of men to appear on a television show in the last century. An alpha male who enjoys playing the role of the knight in shining armor to get some time in bed with an attractive female Gynocrat Party member could easily be convinced to further the Predatory Gynocetrism of his Gynocrat girlfriend. Today, the Gynocrat Party still needs men to go over to the Dark Side, but with the election of more and more female politicians to public office, the usage of manipulated male ruling elites by the Gynocrat Party is becoming less important. The Gynocrat Party can now rule over males more openly and rule over males less in stealth mode as was the case of Innana, the first woman in written human history to rule over men in ancient Uruk thousands of years ago.

The Gynocrat Party is the third major political party in the USA. The Gynocrat Party is probably the most powerful political party in America because it can hide its true agenda. Gynocrat Party members can say they belong to any political party. They can operate in the open or operate in stealth mode. They don’t have to pay for political conventions, political ads or any of the typical expenses the Democratic and Republican parties have to pay. It doesn’t matter if they say they are liberal, conservative, Libertarian, religious, Democrat, or Republican because all members of the Gynocrat Pary have the same political agenda. Its true political agenda is Predatory Gynocentrism. All Gynocrats share a common predatory social intelligence driven by Predatory Gynocentrism Ideology (PGI).