Mankind’s Eternal Journey

Since prehistoric times, men and boys have lived within a gynocentric social hierarchy that was necessary in prehistoric times for the survival of mankind, but with billions of people now in the world, that same female-centered societal structure is no longer necessary. Our shepherd civilization causes an enormous amount of needless male deaths and needless male suffering that is greatly influenced by the Inplied Doctrine of Male Expendability (IDME). The IDME has caused many men to focus on men’s rights in family courts, anti-male indoctrination in education, worldwide misandry, feminist indoctrinating propaganda narratives, anti-male laws, and other sources of male oppression in our worldwide shepherd civilization, but the most important idea that should be guiding mankind’s intellect and energy has been overlooked. That idea is Mankind’s Eternal Journey.

The term “Continued Existence” is used to explain the idea of a Continued Existence Ideal (CEI), and it also refers to the Continued Existence of mankind. The struggle since prehistoric times for the Continued Existence of the human species has been driven by a biological “prime directive” that is part of basic human nature. It is not just a simple survival instinct. It is evidenced by a complex, four-dimensional mental mapping of each guy’s external reality that constantly seeks out Continued Existence Knowledge (CEK). It is the dynamic CEI of each guy that has entertained the idea of something that never dies such as an eternal creator god such as the Filipino creator god, Bathala or the Egyptian creator god, Amun-Ra, and both represented or symbolized each man’s desire to have an eternal Continued Existence.

CEK can be classified into the two basic categories of science technology and social technology. Science technology could ensure the Continued Existence of mankind when our sun eventually burns out. As the sun dies out, mankind will need to develop a level of science technology that will allow humanity to leave our planet and travel beyond our solar system to populate habitable exoplanets. Social technology is needed to control the malevolence in human nature. Malevolence could be humanity’s ultimate undoing. The malevolence of the German Nazis in the last century that caused the needless deaths and needless suffering of millions of innocent people is only one of countless examples of human malevolence. High crime rates all over the world that include murder, child abuse, rape, sex trafficking, political assassinations, corrupt politicians, currency manipulation, and more provide more examples of human malevolence. Mankind does not have the social technology to effectively control such malevolence. The malicious social intelligence of the Marxist Social Force was responsible for the deaths and suffering of over a hundred million people in the last century. Mankind needs to learn how to control malevolent social forces. The underlying idea of our Beyond Gynocentrism Series is that the oldest malevolent social force in mankind’s history is the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force. A malicious social force has a malevolent social intelligence that guides its militaristic strategies and tactics to claim sovereignty and control over large groups of people, and Predatory Gynocentrism’s malevolent social intelligence is very sophisticated.

The malicious social intelligence of the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force has caused millions of needless male deaths and untold amounts of needless male suffering since prehistoric times. Learning how to control the malevolence of the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force can help mankind learn how to control other murderous, tyrannical social forces. Learning to live “Beyond Gynocentrism” means that mankind is learning to control the social intelligence of the most sophisticated and oldest malevolent social force in human existence. It has caused more needless male deaths and needless male suffering than any other malevolent social force. To be successful in keeping Predatory Gynocentrism at a safe distance from men and boys, guys need to develop a Male Social Technology.With an advanced science technology and an advanced social technology, mankind can become safe from extinction and learn how to travel beyond our solar system to continue to enjoy the greatest adventure of all which is Mankind’s Eternal Journey.


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