Parenting Rights Attacked!

An alarming part of the tyrannical, malicious social technology used by predatory ruling elites to control vast populations of people as human herds is the ability to weaken the parental bond between parent and child. In the last century, we saw the American societal narratives come under the control of a handful of media corporations that now form the American media oligarchy. In the 1900s, the American media oligarchy introduced numerous malevolent propaganda narratives that began to erode the relationship between parent and child. For example, the propaganda narratives of the media oligarchy encouraged a groupthink concept of the rebellious teenager who needed to show that a father’s belief system was wrong, and a new set of beliefs had to be implemented in society.

Beginning in the last century, the media oligarchy attacked and greatly weakened the natural role of religion, the naturally occurring familial infrastructure, naturally occurring pair bonding between men and women, and the natural role of sex in society. Today, together with the government and the well-crafted propaganda narratives of the media oligarchy, the American population has been herded to a point in this century where there is a high divorce rate, low marriage rate, rampant homelessness, a huge percentage of fatherless homes, high crime rates, a nation that is trillions of dollars in debt, a huge percentage of Americans dependent on prescribed drugs and illegal drugs, rampant gang violence, high suicide rates, predatory tax laws, failing public schools, tyrannical laws, and other consequences of the tyranny of living under the boot of a centralized governance system and a centralized, oligarchical propaganda infrastructure controlled by malevolent media ruling elites.

Have our centralized governance system and the media oligarchy succeeded in the destruction of the naturally occurring parental rights that are necessary for the creation of a community of empowered sovereign individuals? What are some of the clues that parental rights have been viciously eroded by malevolent ruling elites over the last one hundred years in American society?
One clue is the existence of those fighting to protect parenting rights. The existence of the Parenting Rights Institute is one example. On their website they state the following:

“Welcome to Parenting Rights Institute, a public interest organization founded in 2010 to assist moms, dads and families abused by our nation’s divorce and family courts. We have provided valuable services while saving victims thousands of dollars in needless lawyer fees. We are committed to reducing the stress which the current custody, support and conflict system inflicts. We have literally saved lives with references to prove it!

This is because our work is uniquely tailored to secure justice for each situation. We do this through case reviews, dispute resolution, professional reports, formal complaints, expert referrals, published documentaries, education programs, book publishing and other means for avoiding costly litigation or exposing corruption. We will even monitor your proceedings for a variety of purposes.

Due to the unique nature of our work, we cannot rely on government funds. We are beholden to no one who could compromise our loyalties to you.”

The very existence of the Parenting Rights Institute points to the fact that family law has been weaponized against parents and the naturally occurring parent-child bond. Leon Koziol authored a book entitled, “Whistleblower in Paris” that helps individuals understand the weaponization of family law. Leon Koziol states on his website that “It is the silent epidemic of our time, the growing number of manufactured controversies in divorce and family courts. Collectively these controversies are undermining our productivity, health care, moral fiber, and human rights as a nation. This book, the first of its kind, explains how this is happening, how it is impacting you even if you never set foot in any court.”

Leon Koziol also led a parent march on Washington DC in 2019 that was censored by our American media oligarchy. The march focused on “parental alienation.” One of Leon Koziol’s many articles carries the title, “The travesty of Parent v State revisited: How the parenting right was diluted by our federal courts to jeopardize its viability as a constitutionally protected interest.

In addition to using weaponized family law to greatly weaken the naturally-occurring parent-child bond, our centralized shepherd governance system as defined in our book, “Civilization 2.0, Humanity’s Future of Humanity’s Extinction?” together with our media oligarchy have weaponized schools with indoctrinating propaganda narratives. Our book, “Empowering Parents in our Failing Schools,” addresses the current weaponized-against-parents school system in the United States that also greatly weakens the naturally occurring bond between parent and child. The high cost of public schools produces low achievement levels of learning. Bullying, gang violence, the presence of illegal drugs, the pedophile culture, the sexualization of young students, and widespread indoctrination plague schools around the country, and they all undermine the naturally occurring parent-child relationship.

There is no doubt that parental rights have been viciously eroded by malevolent ruling elites over the last one hundred years in American society, and the naturally occurring parent-child bond continues to be attacked today by narcissistic, psychopathic ruling elites who hold tremendous power in our governance system and the media oligarchy.


Empowering parents in schools