Passport Bros Beyond Gynocentrism

Our online Gebsworld Social Science Magazine emphasizes living beyond the bad side of gynocentrism. The very concept of “Passport Bros” has taken this idea to international levels. What is this concept of “Passport Bros?”

The passportbrosmovement website states the following:

“Passport Bros meaning, according to the Urban Dictionary “Passport Bros” are described as men who understand that western women have drunk the cool aid pass the point of no return, and got their passports to enjoy happiness and peace with fit, friendly, foreign women.”

They have also added the following to their website:

“And the Lord said “God bless the Passport Bros, for they have avoided thy feminist American woman and achieved nirvana with foreign women, restoring the natural balance between feminine and masculine and leaving thy independent American woman in the dust. Amen.  -Revelations 3 Chapter 69”

Another website, thepassportbros, has a forum, that they name the “Escape Forum,” has much helpful information for every guy who aspires to be a “passport bro.”

Living beyond gynocentrism includes such things as constantly improving your male social technology, and sometimes living beyond gynocentrism can also mean traveling to foreign countries where the malicious, indoctrinating propaganda narratives of predatory gynocentrism have not psychologically mutilated the natural biological feminine programming of women.

For the newbies seeking international horizons for new opportunities for relationships and business, always seek professional legal advice for your worldwide endeavors. For business, the American IRS requires reporting of many of your foreign financial dealings. For instance, you must report your foreign personal bank account to the IRS under certain circumstances. We are not giving you any legal advice. We are only recommending that you seek competent legal advice when doing any financial transactions abroad. Also, there are many women in other countries that follow the good side of human nature, but the bad side of human nature is always present wherever you go. It is a good idea to learn as much of the way of life in the country where you decide to seek relationships with women. The way of life or culture in any country is always changing as it must constantly adapt to a changing world.

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