Defining the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force

In our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization,” we briefly introduced the “Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force” thesis as a vehicle to explain the widespread malevolent gynocentrism that has existed in human society since prehistoric times. Here, we give an overview of some of the dimensions of the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force and refer to it as Predatory Gynocentrism in the following paragraphs.

Female Predatory Aggression (FPA) is part of Predatory Gynocentrism, and it manifests itself on many dimensions including physical aggression, psychological and social aggression, and economic aggression. FPA goes well beyond the ubiquitous term, “relational aggression,” used in the social sciences. FPA can shape the creation of powerful, society-wide, anti-male institutions, and embed itself in written law, pop culture, advertisements to sell goods and services, educational systems, and more. There are numerous examples. Critical pedagogy is now spreading in the USA with “Critical Race Theory,” and it is being taught to young children, teachers, and corporate employees in the world of business. Family law is well-known for its bias against men. Since prehistoric times, men and boys have been slaughtered on only-guys-die battlefields such as the Battle of Megiddo, the Battle of Cannae, the only-guys-die battlefields of America’s Civil War, and countless others. FPA can be found at every level of mankind’s social hierarchy where it constantly strives to build and fortify a gynocentric social hierarchy that promotes tyrannical governmental sovereignty over every aspect of an individual’s life. Predatory Gynocentrism constantly preaches the gospel about having freedom, but it censors the idea of individual sovereignty. You have no “freedom” if you have no sovereignty over your property, your labor, your wealth, freedom of movement, social relationships, family relationships, and openly expressed beliefs.

A malevolent social intelligence is also part of Predatory Gynocentrism. Predatory Gynocentrism manifests itself in a myriad of ways across time and geography because of its constantly adapting, predatory social intelligence. From the only-guys-die battlefields of ancient Akkad to the anti-guy divorce laws of the USA today, the motivation to design the FPA weaponry of Predatory Gynocentrism is theoretically driven by a set of shared ideas and beliefs that we can call Predatory Gynocentrism Ideology (PGI).  PGI is malevolent since it drives the design of FPA weaponry such as anti-male propaganda narratives, paternity fraud, the creation of a gynocentric social hierarchy and more. Understanding the specific neurological mapping of PGI ideas and beliefs is beyond our current knowledge, but we can theorize about such malicious ideas and beliefs from the types of FPA weaponry we see every day in the real world that men have described as man-haterism, hateful “toxic masculinity” propaganda narratives, false accusations of domestic violence, the creation of gynocentric laws, and many others. To adequately define or reveal a complete picture of worldwide Predatory Gynocentrism would require many books and videos, but there is no doubt that it has caused millions of needless male deaths and a horrible amount of needless male suffering since prehistoric times.

Finally, Predatory Gynocentrism will never go away because PGI will always take root in the minds of a certain percentage of the female population in every generation. What is more important than focusing on the malevolence of Predatory Gynocentrism is to maximize the joy of a man’s lifetime journey while minimizing the inevitable human suffering that Buddhists skillfully describe. To maximize the potential happiness of a guy’s lifelong journey, he should keep Predatory Gynocentrism at a safe distance from himself by developing a self-defense social technology as described in Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization. While you are traveling down the road of your lifelong journey, keep Predatory Gynocentrism in the rearview mirror, but focus your precious mental energies on the exciting adventures ahead of you. There is no limit to where mankind can go when we put malevolent social forces such as Predatory Gynocentrism and murderous Marxism behind us as we travel to new destinations where there are new life-enhancing technological advancements that can give us incredible, novel forms of entertainment and medical advancements that greatly increase our lifespans. Hopefully, mankind will someday learn how to design an advanced sovereign-individual, post-gynocentric civilization where needless male deaths and needless male suffering caused by malevolent, predatory social forces will no longer exist.

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