The Continuing Attack on Free Speech

Lately, Freedom of Speech is under attack . Here are two examples.

Social Media Censorship

An example of social media censorship is what happened to in August 2018. Infowars was purged from Facebook, Pinterest, Apple podcasts, and YouTube. Apple took down entire libraries of InfoWars podcasts. YouTube removed Jones’ Infowars official channel. The reason for the censorship is a term called “hate speech.” The term seems to be defined by whoever wants to censor something they don’t agree with in terms of one’s political orientation.

Forced Linguistic Behavior

An example of forced linguistic behavior is what is currently being forced on the members of the Australian Defence Force who are being ordered to avoid using gender-specific pronouns such as “he” and “she” according to new protocols detailed in an LGBTI training guide.

Members are also given an acceptable list of words that they will be forced to use. According to the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) manual, non-compliance would be considered bullying at the very least, and “Unacceptable behavior by non-compliant personnel should be dealt with immediately.” Forcing any individual man to not say certain words, and then compelling him under threat of punishment to use certain words is a sure sign of a dictatorship.

Freedom of Speech is essential for any society to function in a manner that adequately addresses the needs and wants of a pluralistic society. If any society is to move forward with respect to individual human rights and societal improvement, each side in any disagreement needs to be able to listen to all the opinions of others, including those that disagree with anyone else.

Forcing the silence of individuals through social media censorship and/or forced linguistic behavior is a formula for tyranny. It’s later than you think. It doesn’t matter if you are on the Left or the Right, Marxist or Capitalist, or what your sexual orientation. We all need to enjoy Freedom of Speech. We have to listen to one another even if we disagree. Freedom of Speech strengthens your Male Social Technology.

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