Understanding Gynocentrism

Dictionary definitions of the term, gynocentrism, serve to give the typical reader a simple overview of gynocentrism, but such definitions do not give us an adequate understanding of the set of complex social phenomena that gave us a gynocentric civilization. Predatory gynocentrism focuses on the needs and wants of women in a way that causes needless male deaths and needless male suffering. In our course, “Living Beyond Gynocentrism: A Self-Help Course for Men,” we look at predatory gynocentrism as a malevolent social force, and our definition of a malicious, gynocentric social force requires the recognition of a shared social intelligence that continually strives to shape the social hierarchy of mankind to serve Predatory Gynocentrism Ideology (PGI). Our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization,” begins to lay the foundation for the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force thesis. In the Fertile Crescent a shepherd civilization arose thousands of years ago that was eventually turned into a Gynocentric Shepherd Civilization. It was a gynocentric civilization because women were given privileged access to physical safety and human-provided security over men based on a gynocentrism that was not legitimate.

There is legitimate gynocentrism that is mutually accepted by both men and women. Imagine a small group of prehistoric, nomadic hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago. After a woman gave birth to an infant in such a situation, she would have been given privileged access to the most physical safety from harmful weather and human-provided security from animal predators that her small community could provide. Her privileged status during her socially recognized postpartum period would naturally provide her and her infant with levels of emotional support, food, and safety and security not enjoyed by other members of the hunter-gatherer social group. One of the reasons that the human race did not become extinct is that enough infants and their mothers survived the postpartum period. Women enjoying a privileged status in prehistoric times during a postpartum period is legitimate gynocentrism. It was during a legitimate instance of gynocentrism in prehistoric times that women started to find ways to continue their privileged status beyond the postpartum period which would encourage any woman to support a set of shared predatory ideas that gave rise to a predatory, gynocentric social intelligence. As a result of such a predatory, gynocentric social intelligence, a Gynocentric Shepherd Civilization arose in Uruk and then spread throughout the Sumerian city states. In Uruk, Innana became the first female sovereign in written history to rule over guys, and she was later called a goddess to support the religious propaganda narratives of later generations of female and male ruling elites after the end of Innana’s reign. Many consider Uruk as the first true city of mankind. As Uruk grew, social hierarchies became more pronounced. Since it was a gynocentric Sumerian city state, it had certain characteristics that exposed the existence of PGI in its social hierarchies that are listed below and explained in more detail in our Beyond Gynocentrism Series.

A Few Characteristics of a Gynocentric Shepherd Civilization

1. A Gynocentric Shepherd Civilization numerically manifests its social architecture as a pyramid with a tiny percentage of female and male ruling elites at the top of the pyramid. This was true in Sumer, and it is still true today in all of mankind’s societies. A few male elites at the top of the Male Social Hierarchy are easier for Predatory Gynocentrism to control and exploit to serve PGI ideas and beliefs. In such a social hierarchy, female ruling elites could rule over the society by proxy or openly rule.

2. A predatory Gynocentric Division of Labor arose that was not based on legitimate gynocentrism, and that resulted in countless needless male deaths, and an enormous amount of needless male suffering since primeval times. Today, a predatory Gynocentric Division of Labor still exists worldwide. Only-guys-die battlefields are some of the countless examples of our worldwide predatory Gynocentric Division of Labor.

3. A Gynocentric Shepherd Civilization provides structural support for Female Predatory Aggression (FPA) against guys. The existence of anti-guy, gynocentric marriage and divorce laws is only one of countless examples of FPA.

4. Shepherd ruling elites utilize malevolent propaganda narratives to control and exploit what they view as expendable human herds. The first instance of a female sovereign believing that human beings were a herd of human cattle to be exploited was written down on clay tablets using the Sumerian cuneiform writing script. The Sumerian writing system was the first complete writing system in human history, and it was used to write down the first written propaganda narratives of ruling elites in human history. Malevolent propaganda narratives are still in use today. There is predatory gynocentrism embedded in mankind’s first written epic poem which is the Epic of Gilgamesh.

There are many more dimensions to a Gynocentric Shepherd Civilization than the above short list. Understanding gynocentrism by evaluating how it has shaped mankind’s social hierarchy offers a fresh look at both legitimate gynocentrism and predatory gynocentrism. Today, our understanding of gynocentrism has not reached a level where we can protect men and boys from the malevolent side of gynocentrism which we call “predatory gynocentrism” in our Beyond Gynocentrism Series. We have a lot to learn before we can successfully overcome the Predatory Gynocentrism Social Force. The ultimate goal for any guy is to live in a post-gynocentric civilization.

Note: The image at the top of this page shows three women who appear to be socially different. Two of the women are shown wearing the attire of the 1800s, and the other woman is dressed in a sexy outfit. All three women are representative of the FPA of Predatory Gynocentrism. The two women dressed in the attire of the 1800s are representative of the Ereshkigal Faction of Predatory Gynocentrism that believes in a stealth mode, behind-the-scenes method of male exploitation.The woman dressed in a sexy outfit is representative of the Innana Faction of Predatory Gynocentrism that believes in openly ruling over guys. Innana was well-known in ancient Sumer for her sexual adventures. Women typically have utilized male-exploitation strategies and tactics from both factions of Predatory Gynocentrism. There is evidence of Predatory Gynocentrism during the Uruk Period in the Fertile Crescent.




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