The description that came with the above photo was the following: “A white-hatted figure inspects funnel-shaped rainmaking “guns” fitted with a barrel at the base containing a gun-powder charge. When fired, the resulting smoke and gas was thought to set up vibrations in the clouds, making it rain.”

    Weather Deities, Rainmakers, and other Climate Change Con Artists

       Humanity does not know how to control the weather, and people since ancient times have always known that both good and destructive weather patterns were part of the natural order of things that were beyond their control. Ancient predatory tyrants always searched for new ideas on how to control and exploit sovereign individuals, so the archaeological evidence strongly suggests that in ancient Ubaidian-Sumerian times the concept of goddesses first appeared before the concept of male gods. Diabolical ruling elites then indoctrinated the people into believing that queens, kings, and all ruling elites deserved sovereign power over the daily lives of “we the people” because the imaginary goddesses and gods wanted it that way. Later peoples such as the Hittites spread the indoctrinating propaganda narratives that a weather god named Tarhun was responsible for the weather patterns, and coincidently those malevolent ruling elites would claim that they spoke for the weather god. If Hittite farmers were made to believe in a weather god that gave sovereign ruling power to the diabolical rulers, farmers could be threatened with Tarhun withholding the rain if the Hittite farmers did not pay a crop tax. Tarhun started out as being a weather god and later embodied the concept of the Hittite empire’s totalitarian government system itself. Ancient Hittite men and women were made to accept the idea that climate change and predatory government taxation of the people were sanctioned by the imaginary weather god Tarhun. Tarhun hurled lightning bolts which was a symbol of his power. The concept of Tarhun evolved into the idea of the Greek god Zeus whose symbol of power was the lightning bolt (aka, thunderbolt). In the 1800s, con artists also exploited this idea of weather control for financial gain.

       Rainmakers of the1800s: Rainmaker con artists were individuals who claimed they could induce rain through various methods, often involving secret chemical concoctions or rituals. These claims were typically fraudulent, preying on the desperation of any community suffering from drought.
       In the 1800s, several notable rainmakers gained prominence, particularly during periods of severe drought in the Great Plains and other regions. The concept of rainmaking often fell into the realm of pseudoscience. These individuals often claimed to possess secret methods or formulas to induce rainfall, and their activities were a mix of pseudoscience and showmanship. Here are some of the most notable rainmakers from that era.
       Frank Melbourne, also known as “The Rain Wizard,” “The Rain King,” and later as “The Rain Fakir,” was one of the most famous con artist rainmakers of the late 19th century. A native of Australia, Melbourne worked in various states including Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. He claimed to create rain by burning chemicals that supposedly influenced the atmosphere. Despite his occasional successes, many were skeptical of his methods, and he was eventually exposed as a fraud.
       Clayton B. Jewell, a native of Topeka, Kansas, was another prominent rainmaker. Initially sponsored by the Rock Island Railroad, Jewell claimed to have acquired Melbourne’s secret formula. His methods and claims were similar to those of Melbourne, and he also achieved some notoriety for his rainmaking efforts.
       William F. Wright, a University of Nebraska professor, was known for his rainmaking activities in Lincoln, Nebraska. Wright’s methods were part of the broader trend of combining scientific experimentation with public spectacle, although the effectiveness of his techniques was often questioned.
        William B. Swisher, a pioneer doctor, also gained a reputation as a rainmaker. He was active in the same regions as Melbourne and Jewell and was known for his attempts to produce rain using various methods, including the detonation of explosives.
       General Robert St. George Dyrenforth: Although not a con artist, General Robert St. George Dyrenforth was involved in early government-sponsored rainmaking experiments. In the early 1890s, he conducted experiments in Texas using the concussion method, which involved detonating explosives to induce rain. These efforts were largely unsuccessful, earning him the nickname “General Dryhenceforth.”
        The activities of these rainmakers were often driven by the desperation of communities facing severe droughts. While some, like Melbourne and Jewell, were eventually exposed as frauds, their efforts reflect the broader historical context of pseudoscientific experimentation and the human desire to control the weather.
       Malevolent ruling elites promoting the idea of weather gods and con artists promoting rainmaking schemes are just more examples of how the natural rights of sovereign individuals are being constantly attacked. Modern day rainmakers are now referred to as climate change activists. Mankind does not know how to change worldwide weather patterns, but in the United States we see financial schemes involving billions of dollars. One such scheme was the Green New Deal (GND) that called for public policy to address climate change along with achieving other social aims like job creation, economic growth and reducing economic inequality. In reality, the GND con artist scheme would have eventually resulted in more needless control over the daily lives of sovereign individuals, harm businesses that provide jobs, and the GND would provide more malevolent-ruling-elite justification for more predatory taxation. The GND proposes another malevolent, cunningly-presented indoctrinating propaganda narrative on the same level as the indoctrinating propaganda narrative that fictional goddesses and gods are real and that diabolical ruling elites somehow are the only ones that goddesses and gods allow to have sovereign governing power. Tarhun never existed and individuals all have sovereign power over their own lives.
       Recent activities of climate change activists have been diverse and widespread, reflecting a range of tactics and goals. Climate Change Activism in the United States has included different strategies and tactics.
       Confrontational Tactics: Groups like Climate Defiance have adopted more confrontational tactics, such as storming stages and using profanity to draw attention to their cause. These actions have targeted political figures and oil executives, aiming to push climate change higher on the political agenda.
       Bank Protests: During Earth Week, dozens of climate activists were arrested at Citibank headquarters in New York City. The protests aimed to pressure the bank to stop financing fossil fuels, highlighting Citibank’s significant investments in oil and gas operations.

       Humanity needs a well-funded civilization science that can research ways to improve humanity’s ability to protect sovereign individuals from rainmaker and climate change con artists, predatory taxation, needless laws, needless business regulation, government fiat currency schemes, lawfare, high crime rates, predatory inflation, and more. Malevolent ruling elites want to increase the amount of taxes, but they cannot even protect citizens from organized crime, murder rates, home invasions, rape of men, women, and children, financial crimes, burglaries, sexual assaults against children, child abuse, and more examples that point to the fact that we do not have an advanced civilization design. In the USA, our ruling-elite-controlled government wants more surveillance power and technology to increase their monitoring of sovereign individuals, but it is “we the people” that should be using surveillance power and technology to intensely monitor the diabolical ruling elites who want us to believe in fictional goddesses and gods and that malicious, delusional ruling elites have voodoo power to control the weather if we would just give them more money and allow them to control every part of our daily lives. Real sovereign power comes from “we the people” when citizens have a government that is truly “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”