What is Masculinity?

The image above shows the painting about the only-guys-die Battle of Cerignola which took place on April 28, 1503 when the Spanish army defeated the French army and forced them to abandon Naples. In the painting, Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba of Spain sits on his white horse and views the dead body of the French Duke of Nemours. Unfortunately, the painting focuses on the ruling elites and not on the large numbers of dead and wounded guys who were used as cannon fodder by the shepherd ruling elites of both Spain and France. Because masculinity was defined by female and male ruling elites in 1503, thousands of guys were herded onto only-guys-die, slaughterhouse battlefields to be physically and psychologically butchered. During this time period, men and boys were indoctrinated to follow a definition of masculinity that served the predatory ruling elites of France and Spain. A guy should ethically define his own individual masculinity since his masculinity belongs only to him. No definition of masculinity should include believing that a guy was born to be butchered on an only-guys-die battlefield so that the female and male ruling elites of the winning side could become more powerful and wealthy. The victory at the Battle of Cerignola was the start of Spain’s battlefield hegemony in Europe that lasted for over a century. Spain went on to build a worldwide empire that included a large part of the present-day USA which was officially part of Spain until 1821.

What is masculinity? The ruling-elite-defined idea of masculinity itself has served shepherd ruling elites since prehistoric times. Defining masculinity should take into account the biological realities and the social realities of guys, but predatory ruling elites have always tried to shape the idea of masculinity in the minds of guys in such a way that helped them instill a human herd mentality in the minds of men and boys. Such a human herd mentality made it easier to control and exploit large human herds of men and boys to serve the interests of predatory female and male ruling elites. One of the most powerful methods used by predatory ruling elites to instill a ruling-elite-defined definition of masculinity in the minds of guys has been the usage of well-crafted propaganda narratives. Since the Sumerians developed the first complete writing system, the first ruling-elite written propaganda narratives in human history can be found in the written narratives engraved on Sumerian clay tablets that have survived for thousands of years.

We are all too familiar with the female and male ruling elites’ definitions of masculinity throughout human history, but how can men define masculinity for themselves in such a way that serves their needs and wants within the constraints of their social and biological realities? The first step in defining masculinity is for each guy to develop an understanding of who should define it. Female and male ruling elites who define masculinity as men and boys happily marching onto an only-guys-die battlefield to be physically and psychologically butchered should no longer define masculinity. Media ruling elites, political ruling elites, financial ruling elites, and organized religious ruling elites should not define masculinity for the billions of guys in the world. Ruling elites are a tiny percentage of our worldwide human population. Should masculinity be defined by anyone born with a vagina? How can anyone born with a vagina understand the reality of being born with a penis? Male physiology has some important differences from female physiology. The idea of masculinity is about the physical, psychological, and social adaptation of a person born with a penis to his environment, so masculinity should be defined by people who are naturally born with a penis.

Should there be a pragmatic universal definition of masculinity that guides the everyday decisions of every man? Ideally, since mankind has socially evolved beyond the herd instinct, each man has a unique belief system and his own special needs and wants. Viewing each guy as a unique individual that is not part of a human herd precludes the need for the creation of a one-size-fits-all definition of masculinity that guides the everyday decisions of men. It is a good idea to have a universal system to provide adequate safety and security to every individual in any society, but it is not a good idea to have only one universal definition of masculinity. Creating a social structure that provides an intelligent, universal system to provide safety and security to every individual at the same time it ensures peaceful coexistence between non-universal belief systems is a worthwhile goal. When each guy develops his own unique, ethical definition of masculinity, it becomes an exceedingly difficult task for predatory ruling elites such as Adolph Hitler or Vladimir Putin to create exploited human herds where every member of the human herd has the same definition of masculinity and overall belief system. You could say that masculinity is how each unique person born with a penis adapts to his particular circumstances within the physical, psychological, and social constraints of his environment, so each guy ethically defining his own masculinity constructs his own unique “Masculinity Choice” as described in the book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization.” Each guy uniquely defining his own masculinity means that predatory ruling elites will have a much harder time herding men and boys into exploitable human male herds of cattle that can be easily indoctrinated into following a collective, groupthink definition of masculinity that empowers political elites, media ruling elites, and predatory women. Never let your Masculinity Choice be defined by ruling elite propaganda narratives such as the “toxic masculinity” propaganda narrative spread by anti-guy female and male media ruling elites.

What is Masculinity? Below are some videos about masculinity. Defining masculinity is a complex endeavor, but in the final analysis, each guy should ethically define his own unique, “Masculinity Choice.”

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