The Eternal Attack on Masculinity

The video below reveals how masculinity is being changed in contemporary society, but this attack on contemporary masculinity is not something that is recent in human history. What is described today as the attack on masculinity is simply the reconfiguring of masculinity to meet the current needs of women. The psychological structure of “masculinity” has always morphed into a configuration that supports the needs and wants of women and their children down through history. For example,  in the 1800s when the United States was expanding its territory into the present day Southwest Region of the United States, women supported the idea of masculinity that included learning skills that enabled men to go to war and conquer the Native Americans who fought back against American expansion into their tribal lands. Masculinity was also socially defined to include farming skills, cattle-ranching skills, and wilderness survival skills. Men had to be convinced that it was a good thing to sacrifice their lives in the “Indian Wars” and to work long hours under the hot sun on cattle ranches and farms. They had to be skillful at providing resources and protection for their wives when living in the countryside. In other words, the tough, hardworking, hard-drinking cowboy type of male was of use to women during that time period in American history, so the women strived to socially engineer men to follow that model of masculinity.

Today, women have no need for the hardened, cattle-ranching cowboy type, so they are using social manipulation tactics to change the concept of masculinity to something that will serve them in today’s world. History has shown that women have always won the battle to define masculinity. Most socially-acceptable characteristics that would be considered masculine revolve around protecting and providing resources for women. It is not a far-fetched idea to imagine a caveman thousands of years ago being told by his female mate to go out and risk his life by hunting for a prehistoric game animal to kill so that his female mate could eat a tasty steak. Cavewomen probably did all they could to convince cavemen that masculinity meant that only men risked their lives on dangerous hunting expeditions while women stayed safely in the cave dwelling. Men are just as good at taking care of the children in the cave dwelling as women, so women had no legitimate reason to avoid the dangerous duty of hunting. I don’t think cavewomen ever said that they wanted to share the dangers of a prehistoric hunting expeditions or life-threatening combat against other people on an equal basis with the cavemen.

A man’s masculinity belongs to him, and it should be defined by a man based on his beliefs and values. Fighting the adult female social engineering pressure to reconfigure the conceptual structure of masculinity is needed, but first every guy needs to make sure he has a solid understanding of his own masculinity based on his own belief system and values. A man’s INDIVIDUAL concept of his own masculinity will then become a masculine fortress that can repel the GROUPTHINK, feminist, weaponized social pressure to impose a female-oriented idea of masculinity on him.

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