The Taliban Man

During the month of August 2021, the Taliban began a rapid takeover of Afghanistan territory. On August 14, 2021, the Taliban men gained control over Afghanistan’s second largest city. They entered the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, starting on the next day. The American-backed Afghan Army continued losing ground during August despite the two trillion dollars of support, training, and equipment given to the Afghan National Armed Forces by the United States over the last twenty years courtesy of the American taxpayer. The ruling elites in the USA have no qualms about wasting taxpayer money on failed military campaigns and other projects around the world. Coincidently, certain ruling elites always become wealthier during such foreign policy missions. Costlier than the wasted two trillion dollars were the deaths of thousands of American soldiers over twenty years. During the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, our gynocentric Media Oligarchy mentioned their concern of women in a Taliban-controlled country more than the horrible death toll and suffering of American male soldiers in Afghanistan. To our gynocentric media ruling elites, promoting feminist, anti-guy propaganda narratives is more important than recognizing the sacrifice of thousands of brave American male soldiers who gave their lives for their country and the thousands more wounded American soldiers over the last twenty years.

There are many questions about the Taliban men and boys that the gynocentric media ruling elites of the West do not ask. The West’s gynocentric “Media Oligarchy” controls the entertainment industry, major news outlets, the music industry, and more, and they embed anti-guy propaganda narratives in all of their media. Although the current gynocentric Media Oligarchy and gynocentric Western governments such as the United States of America have spent billions of taxpayer dollars on military assets used against the Taliban and have deployed powerful, worldwide anti-Taliban propaganda narratives, the Taliban continues to survive and even thrive. The lifestyles of men and boys living under the Taliban have many characteristics that the female ruling elites of the West abhor, but the female ruling elites have not been able to bring the men and boys of the Taliban under the gynocentric control of the West.


Why have the female ruling elites of the West been unable to bring the Taliban under the gynocentric control of their wealthy and powerful gynocracy?

Some of the reasons include the following:

1. The Low Morale of the American Soldier While in Afghanistan – During the American presence in Afghanistan, Marines were ordered to kill children and do other horrible things. Being ordered to kill children would cause any guy to develop horrible emotional pain and suffering. Gynocentric female and male media ruling elites ignored the psychological and physical butchering of American male soldiers in Afghanistan, so much needed emotional and social support were denied American soldiers. How often have you seen the suicide rate on our gynocentric media for American soldiers during their time in Afghanistan and the suicide rate for American soldiers after they returned to live in the USA? It would take an enormous effort to get the gynocentric media ruling elites to make the public fully aware of the number of men committing suicide. The morale of the American soldier in Afghanistan has never been good.

2. Afghanistan does not Have One Big Human Herd – Afghanistan is a complex web of tribal entities, and most individuals are more loyal to their tribal identification than to the idea of a national government. The very idea of a centralized “government” is a prehistoric idea that should someday be replaced with a more advanced human civilization. In the USA, we are accustomed to the herd mentality that drives our behavior. We believe that a good marketing campaign or 300,000 laws will change basic human nature, and a set of anti-guy laws and a constant barrage of female-worship media will change all men and boys into gynocentric manginas. Living within a gynocentric social hierarchy makes it very difficult for the average American to understand how a large number of small social groups or tribes can successfully network beyond the control of a centralized gynocentric government to create mutually-acceptable protocols that promote peace and cooperation among a large number of independent tribal entities as in the case of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the USA, the population is constantly indoctrinated to look to a god-like government to solve every psychological, social, and economic ill.

3. The Taliban Live Beyond the West’s Media Oligarchy – In the USA, we are subjected to daily ruling-elite propaganda narratives in movies, online videos, podcasts, radio programs, social media, advertisements selling goods and services, government propaganda narratives, and more. The media in the West is controlled by a small number of wealthy and powerful female and male ruling elites that rule as a gynocentric media oligarchy. The current Media Oligarchy promotes a gynocentric, female-worship agenda, a Neo-Marxist agenda, post-modernist irrationality, an anti-religious agenda, instilling a herd mentality in the minds of everyone, demonizes men and boys, and opposes anything that would empower a sovereign-individual society. Since the men and boys of the Taliban are not subjected to the daily propaganda narratives of the West’s Media Oligarchy, their thoughts are not dominated by the herd mentality of the gynocentric West. They are not subjected to daily radical-feminist propaganda narratives that would weaken their resolve.

4. Religion is the Super Glue That Binds the Taliban Together – In the West, the Media Oligarchy has been constantly attacking religion for decades, so the religious societal cohesion of the last century has been replaced by socialist thought. Socialist, Neo-Marxist ideas, laws and propaganda narratives can only exist and thrive with the growth of a totalitarian state allied with a complicit Media Oligarchy that supports the enactment of thousands of anti-individual-sovereignty laws to control every aspect of an individual’s life. The US government exercises sovereignty over real estate property by imposing a lifetime property tax, sovereignty over labor and investment income by imposing a lifetime income tax, sovereignty over goods and services by imposing sales taxes on every purchase, sovereignty over children by imposing draconian family law, and sovereignty over every part of an individual’s life. Propaganda narratives in the West preach freedom, but never preach individual sovereignty over their labor, property, and lives. Try ending the lifetime, pay-till-you-die property tax on your home, and you will incur the wrath of the Media Oligarchy. The Neo-Marxist societal glue of the West is much weaker than the Taliban’s Islamic societal super glue. Religion is part of the many reasons why the Taliban withstood the communist onslaught of the old Marxist Soviet Union and why the Taliban has even survived the socialist, Neo-Marxist USA which is the most powerful military empire in human history. It is not uncommon to hear the words, “God is Great,” being shouted out loud by Taliban soldiers. Ruling elites throughout written history have recognized the power of religion to drive individual men and boys to enter a slaughterhouse battlefield where they know that they can be psychologically and physically butchered at any moment. The Standard of Ur in the British Museum documents an only-guys-die battlefield in ancient Kiengir (Sumer). Sumerian men and boys were subjected to daily religious propaganda narratives similar to the religious narratives that the Taliban are taught. The Social Technology of the female and male ruling elites of Kiengir was very powerful. Part of the Taliban’s fight is against the anti-religious culture of the West. One Taliban man, Ainuddin, was quoted as saying, “They are not giving up Western culture… so we have to kill them,” he said of the “puppet government” in Kabul” before the Taliban conquered Afghanistan in August 2021.

There are many more reasons why the Taliban men have experienced such success in 2021, and those reasons are censored by our Media Oligarchy.  We should carefully analyze the propaganda narratives about the Taliban given to us by our own political and media ruling elites. Our own gynocentric ruling elites tell us what they think we should hear. We should remember that any Taliban man is also a father, son, grandfather, brother, or uncle, and he has friends and a social life. This article condemns any wrongdoing of any Taliban soldier, but we should never hate the Masculinity Choice of any individual man or boy in any part of our small planet simply because our gynocentric Media Oligarchy wants us to hate and dehumanize other men and boys. Hatred comes from the “Dark Side” of human nature.

Afghanistan is now the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” This is a major American defeat while being ruled by the gynocentric, socialist-leaning, anti-guy Biden Administration where female ruling elites or Gynocrats manipulate male ruling elites to further the Predatory Gynocentrism agenda. Ancient Sumerian Gynocrats did the same thing. The powerful Sumerian Gynocrats during the times of King Shulgi and King Urukagina are only a few examples of female ruling elites manipulating male ruling elites to further an anti-guy agenda. The gynocentric organized religion of Sumer preached that the Sumerian kings received their right to rule from a female goddess.


Can you uncover the propaganda narratives in the videos below?

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