Empowering Parents in Our Failing Schools

A technologically advanced knowledge acquisition system is essential to today’s civilization design, but in the United States of America there are serious problems that need to be addressed. This book, “Empowering Parents in Our Failing Schools,” and sold on Amazon, takes a closer look at the pedagogical failings within America’s schools. Here the is the introduction to this revealing book.

Our schools are failing our children for many serious reasons.

According to Public School Review, 1 some of the biggest failures of the American public education system include a decline in school safety, problems with the common core curriculum, bullying in schools, overcrowding in schools, outdated teaching methods, and more. American schools have one of the highest full-time equivalent (FTE) costs per student on elementary and secondary education in the world, but lag behind on achievement. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 2 in 2019 the United States ranked number 17 for mathematics and science achievement in grades 4 and 8 as well as other lower achievement levels. In 2022, the results of the school closures during the coronavirus pandemic on student achievement became apparent. According to one article, “The U.S. Department of Education and establishment media outlets have admitted to severe learning loss among students due to draconian and unnecessary coronavirus pandemic protocols…” 3 Our public school system failed miserably in educating children during the coronavirus pandemic since government bureaucrats could not meet the needs of children that needed to learn from home. American schools do not have a dynamic knowledge acquisition system that can easily be transferred to remote learning situations. The “virtual learning” provided by government schools during the coronavirus pandemic was a model of its failed, outdated, knowledge acquisition methodologies used in public school classrooms, and those flawed methodologies are still in use today.

Successful publishers of homeschooling curriculum that provide support and educational media resources to homeschooling parents have already proven that high levels of knowledge acquisition achievement can be reached in a home learning environment. Predatory, public school ruling elites, who do not want to lose large amounts of taxpayer funding, try to put the blame for the “severe learning loss” during the coronavirus pandemic on virtual learning in a child’s home. The “severe learning loss” comes from the antiquated knowledge acquisition methodologies used by our public schools. Efficient, professional- level knowledge acquisition methodologies should achieve success in both a classroom and a home learning environment.

Dangers for students in both private and public schools include both physical and psychological threats. Across the USA, states such as Florida have enacted laws that are aimed at protecting young children from malevolent indoctrination, sexual grooming of children as young as five years old, and other dangers arising from malicious educators with predatory, ideological agendas. Throughout the United States, many parents are forced to send their children to public schools where there are illegal drugs, gang violence, severe student behavior problems that interfere with learning, and sexual assaults.

One of the most insidious problems that parents face when sending their children to government schools is that students are being indoctrinated to believe in harmful ideologies that go against a family’s belief system, mock religious beliefs, attack parental authority, and even sexualize young children. Part of the problem of student indoctrination is that public schools have the attitude that students should receive personal socialization by the government. Public schools should only engage in institutional socialization, not personal socialization.

Who should have sovereignty over the socialization of children?

The answer is that ethical parents have the decision-making, sovereign responsibility for raising their own children. Children do not belong to the “state.” There are dangerous ideological forces within our public school system, and parents need to fight for the decision-making authority to oversee the content of the curriculum and the ability to protect their children from being the pawns of malevolent, ideological and political forces. The battle is between ethical parents and totalitarian ruling elites that allow the existence of dangerous threats to the physical, social, and psychological well-being of children in our schools.

Our schools have failed at providing adequate safety and security for students. They have failed at knowledge acquisition achievement. They have failed in preventing children from being subjected to indoctrinating propaganda narratives, and much more. It is time to legally empower parents with decision-making authority to oversee the education of their own children in our schools. Our current school system needs to be replaced with a more advanced knowledge acquisition system. Get your copy today at Amazon – Click here now!