Sumer and Debunking the Ancient Aliens Cult

The video below reveals the outright censorship of mankind’s first truly complex society that had many advancements such as the first complete writing system, the first epic poem, the first people to mark time by using sixty minutes to the hour and sixty seconds to the minute, the first evidence of written mathematical theory, the first known idea of the signs of the zodiac, and more. The governments of the city states of Sumer were also the first totalitarian governments in written history which is a concept that is also censored today.

Video: The Sumerians…They Didn’t Mention THIS in School – Lost Ancient Civilization & Sumerian Tablets

Why is an in-depth history about Kiengir’s way of life censored or only superficially taught in schools? The answer is that such knowledge would reveal that Sumer’s gynocentric, totalitarian societal structure shares a great number of characteristics with all of today’s societies around the world.

In our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization,” we delve into the societal structure of ancient Kiengir. Kiengir was ruled by a small group of female and male ruling elites who were a small percentage of Kiengir’s total population. Today, every country in the world is also ruled by a tiny percentage of its population which includes media ruling elites, political ruling elites, wealth-based ruling elites, and others. For example, the USA is ruled by a tiny percentage of its population. At the top of the pyramid is a small group of female and male ruling elites that includes media ruling elites, political ruling elites, financial ruling elites, religious ruling elites, and others.

In ancient Sumer, the media was controlled by a small number of female and male ruling elites, and today, America’s media is dominated by a handful of corporate media companies which forms a self-serving media oligarchy. The ruthless female and male Sumerian ruling elites of Kiengir controlled the media of Sumer. They controlled the scribes who wrote the political and religious propaganda narratives, controlled the artists who made the propaganda images, and controlled the priestesses and priests who helped the Sumerian ruling elites spread the religious propaganda narratives that helped keep the minds of the ancient human herds looking towards imaginary goddesses and gods for solutions to their oppression. This helped prevent open rebellions against the centralized, socialist, authoritarian government of every city state in ancient Sumer. There is written evidence that the inbred Sumerian ruling elites viewed people as part of distinct human herds whose only purpose was to be exploited to increase the wealth and power of the female and male Sumerian aristocracy. Today, ruling elites also view people as part of several human herds. During the Coronavirus Pandemic that started in late 2019, medical and political ruling elites talked about human “herd immunity.” The philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche in the 1800s wrote the words, “as long as mankind has existed, there have been human herds.” In the 1900s an unknown author wrote, “Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.”  The quote is attributed by some to Joseph Goebbels who was the Nazi Propaganda Minister for the mass murderer, Adolph Hitler.

There is evidence that the idea of goddesses was implemented before the idea of male gods to help the Sumerian ruling elites control the minds of the exploited members of the Sumerian human herds. Sumer had a gynocentric social hierarchy that indoctrinated the Sumerian people to believe that the invention of the plow, agriculture, a mathematical system based on the number sixty, written language, or any advancement came from the goddesses and gods, not the specific guys who really invented such things.

The power-hungry, sociopathic Sumerian ruling elites used the idea of fictional goddesses and gods, predatory taxation, authoritarian written laws, written divorce laws, political and religious propaganda narratives, and other methods to ensure that their ability to control their human herds would never end. Analyzing the societal structure of ancient Kiengir reveals that the idea of an organized religion complete with fictional goddesses and gods was a powerful tool used by a Sumerian oligarchy to control the human herds of Sumer. When they made sure that religion was no longer an individual intellectual journey, the groupthink of an organized religion could take root in the minds of the members of the exploited human herds of Kiengir which made it easier for the malevolent ruling elites to send men and boys to be butchered on only-guys-die battlefields and impose predatory taxation and the indoctrination of a make-believe organized religion on the enslaved population. Such authoritarian methodologies were successful in controlling the lives of each Sumerian from cradle to grave, and they produced much wealth and power for the Sumerian upper class.

 The Censorship of Sumerian History
Much of Sumerian History is censored because it would reveal that in today’s world, societies have only a slightly modified version of ancient Kiengir’s malevolent, gynocentric social hierarchy as described in our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization.”

Delving into Sumerian history would also reveal that there was no “patriarchy” in ancient Sumer, and there is no true patriarchy in today’s world. As we explain in our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization,” Kiengir’s religious propaganda narratives indoctrinated the people to believe that the Sumerian kings got their right to rule from a female goddess. The idea of goddesses was implemented before the idea of male gods. Evidence also shows that King Shulgi, King Urukagina, and other male ruling elites frequently kowtowed to powerful, ancient Sumerian female ruling elites. Revealing how a powerful class of female ruling elites controlled and manipulated Sumerian kings and other male ruling elites would also help present-day men recognize how female ruling elites in the USA accomplish controlling present-day influential men who can pass draconian, anti-male laws, embed predatory gynocentrism ideas in advertisement media, and promote predatory gynocentrism’a social norms. The social hierarchy of Sumer was gynocentric which resulted in a “Gynocentric Division of Labor.” There was never a patriarchy in Sumer. The female ruling elites skillfully manipulated the male ruling elites to get what they wanted. Sumer had a gynocentric social hierarchy where female ruling elites had more safety and security than male ruling elites. For example, female ruling elites never had to risk being butchered on any only-guys-die battlefield such as the battlefield depicted on the Standard of Ur which we analyze in our book, “Beyond Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization.”

An organized religion that was completely invented by humans in Sumer, not ancient aliens, a totalitarian ideology, predatory taxation, an excessive number of written laws, a gynocentric social hierarchy as explained in our book, a female ruling elite class (Sumerian priestesses and female royal family members), media ruling elites controlling the propaganda narratives, and a societal structure that numerically manifested itself as a pyramid-shaped configuration are all characteristics of Kiengir and such societal manifestations are also part of today’s world.

As in ancient Sumer, there is no doubt that we have an excessive number of written laws today. No one really knows how many state laws, county laws, federal laws, traffic laws, hunting laws, fishing laws, Internet laws, family laws, and other laws and regulations exist. No one has twenty years to really count the true number of written laws there are in the USA. Ruling elites throughout history seem to believe that one million written laws will somehow change human nature.

As in ancient Sumer, predatory taxation still exists today. The USA is a revealing example. In the USA, there is lifetime property tax, lifetime income tax, lifetime sales tax, cell phone taxes, yearly car registration taxes, Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, food taxes, Social Security taxes, and many, many more. When you have a job in the USA, your salary is paid to you after all federal, state, social security, and other taxes are deducted from your salary. You then take that same money that has already been taxed with income taxes to a retail store. That money that you spend at any retail store has already been taxed before you step one foot in the retail store, but that same money that already has been taxed is then taxed a sales tax when you buy something. It is taxed again when you pay your property taxes, when you pay gasoline taxes, and more. A month’s salary can be taxed many times.

Debunking the Ancient Aliens Cult
Besides censoring the true nature of Sumer’s gynocentric social hierarchy, the current media ruling elites want you to believe in “ancient astronauts” who came to Earth and gave guys technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. Click here for a website (Sitchin is, that provides detailed evidence that debunks the ancient astronaut nonsense. No alien astronauts showed the guys who gave us quantum theory any knowledge about the quantum world. Quantum theory was developed by human beings on Earth. No ancient astronauts taught Sumerians how to make beer, how to study the night sky and write down the signs of the zodiac, how to develop a mathematical system based on the number sixty, how to invent the plow or use the wheel, or anything. Those who mistakenly believe in the ancient alien nonsense are part of an ancient alien cult that needs to be exposed. The ancient alien cult arose out of pseudo-archaeology and greed satisfied by making money from outright lies and distortions about ancient history. It is safe to say that all knowledge on Earth originated on Earth and was created by human beings. Below are some revealing videos that expose the dishonesty of the ancient aliens cult.


Video: Sarah Kurnick: “Aliens built the pyramids” and other absurdities of pseudo-archaeology

Video: The History of the World According to ‘Ancient Aliens’

For guys who want to “Live Beyond Gynocentrism,” they need to leave behind cults, witchcraft, and predatory gynocentrism, and constantly develop their own individual social technology as sovereign individuals who free themselves from herd-based groupthink.