The Decentralized Web

Today, a small group of female and male ruling elites have centralized and assumed sovereign power over the Internet with a ICANN/DNS-based system of forced control over the ownership of domain names. Such ruling elites are part of an Internet Oligarchy. To have a domain name and active website, you must register your domain name with one of the registrars controlled by the Internet Oligarchy. To sell your domain name, you need to follow the Internet Oligarchy’s prescribed royal laws and protocols. If the imperial Internet Oligarchy does not like the ideas posted on your website, they can shut you down and exile you from the cyber universe. The Internet Oligarchy does not believe in freedom of speech. Because of such tyranny imposed on cyberspace citizens, many freedom-loving people are working hard to pave a new road to cyberspace freedom. Following and implementing the idea of the “decentralized web” is one path that moves away from the current ICANN/DNS-based authoritarianism. Blockchain domains can be one of the building blocks of a robust decentralized web that can exist outside the totalitarian control of the Internet Oligarchy.

The Need for a Decentralized Web

Blockchain domains are key to building censorship-resistant websites that allow the free exchange of ideas between individuals outside of any centralized,  shepherd government’s jurisdiction that currently is controlled by ruling elites who constantly talk about imposing more Internet control, more taxation, and more censorship. Blockchain or NFT domains can also provide censorship-resistant payments between individuals by using new technology that is beyond the control of predatory, herd-based, ruling elite jurisdictions. When you buy a blockchain domain, you own it, and no one including ICANN can take it away from you. At Unstoppabledomains you can purchase NFT domains with no renewal fees ever and no minting fees. You can use your NFT domains as your universal username across apps and websites, your website URL, your payment address for cryptocurrency wallets, and more. You have complete sovereignty over your NFT domain name. Your NFT domain is not part of the ICANN/DNS system where Internet ruling elites make you pay a yearly renewable payment for the rest of your life to be able to continue to use your own domain name. The Internet Oligarchy claims sovereignty over your domain name because if you do not pay your renewal fee, they will take your domain name away from you. You must pay your renewal fee to the ruling elites for the rest of your life to continue to be able to use your own domain name.

Predatory ruling elites have always invented many schemes to make you pay for the rest of your life for many of your basic human necessities. You must pay property tax on your home until the day you die, and your paid labor and financial earnings such as interest earned on a bank account and capital gains on certain assets are taxed until the day that you die. In the USA, you must pay sales taxes on all products and services you buy until the day that you die. Today, freely communicating on the Internet has become a basic necessity, but individual sovereignty over a person’s need to freely communicate in cyberspace has been taken away from everyone by the Internet Oligarchy.

How have ruling elites been able to take away an individual’s sovereignty over their own lives? One of the ruling elite methodologies to maintain control over what they view as exploitable and expendable human herds is the creation of malevolent propaganda narratives used to indoctrinate those who they control to accept the loss over their own individual sovereignty. The invention of a complete writing system thousands of years ago added written language as a powerful propaganda weapon ruling elites could use to help them indoctrinate their domesticated human herds. The invention of the printing press gave ruling elites more power, but it also allowed the exchange of an enormous number of new ideas between individuals outside of the control of secular and religious shepherd ruling elites. A decentralized web can also bring about another explosion of new ideas and financial transactions that can take place outside of the tyranny of predatory, herd-based, shepherd ruling elites as described in the book, “Predatory Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization.”

Centralized shepherd governments allow a small group of female ruling elites and male ruling elites to take control of what they view as groups of exploitable and expendable human herds that they can manipulate to increase their own ruling elite power and wealth. Today, a tiny percentage of the world’s population impose fiat currency schemes and manipulation, censorship, predatory taxation levels, predatory gynocentrism, needless Internet regulations, lifetime fees for owning a DNS domain name, making men to go to war against their will, and malevolent religious and secular propaganda narratives on mankind. Current female and male ruling elites violently resist the idea of moving away from a centralized, shepherd government to a more network-based, decentralized political, media, and financial system. They do not want to lose control of what they view as exploitable human herds.

The Sumerian cuneiform writing system was used by Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and they left hundreds of thousands of clay tablets with written narratives on them that reveal the tyranny of a centralized, shepherd governmental system in existence thousands of years ago. Such shepherd governments imposed predatory taxation, forced military service, written religious and secular propaganda narratives, predatory gynocentrism, anti-male written divorce laws, wars that allowed female and male ruling elites to become more wealthy and powerful, and more malevolent oppression on their enslaved human herds. Kiengir (Sumer) was ruled by a tiny percentage of Kiengir’s society, and today, every country in the world is ruled by a tiny percentage of its population which gives us a human societal structure that numerically manifests itself in a pyramidal-shaped, architectural configuration that provides structural support for predatory female and male ruling elites and predatory, authoritarian ideologies such as Marxism and Predatory Gynocentrism.  Centralized Marxist regimes were responsible for the brutal murders and needless deaths of millions of innocent men, women, and children in the last century. All shepherd governments in human history have engaged in democide.

Someday, mankind will move away from being ruled by a tiny percentage of its population where predatory female and male ruling elites impose their control over all financial transactions, religious ideas, freedom of movement, the buying and selling of goods and services, lifetime property taxes, lifetime taxation of one’s labor, and more over every human being in the world. Moving towards a decentralized web is only one step of many steps needed towards moving away from the prehistoric idea of a centralized “government” where the  implementation of a network-based societal architecture can be acheived. A decentralized societal configuration can provide more intelligent governance protocols that provide individuals with more competent levels of financial, social, psychological, and physical safety and security. A decentralized media can also be equipped to be able to quickly identify and expose predatory, herd-based propaganda narratives.

Today, individuals are ruled by predatory female and male elites who cannot stop the high crime rates around the world, cannot stop the widespread drug addiction, cannot stop sex trafficking, cannot stop organized crime, cannot stop gang violence, cannot stop armed robbery, cannot stop child abuse, and cannot stop the oppression of individuals by corrupt politicians, but they claim sovereignty over your labor which they tax until the day you die, sovereignty over your home which they tax until the day you die, sovereignty over your children, sovereignty over family relationships, and sovereignty over every aspect of your life. The enslaved human herds of Kiengir (Sumer) also had no sovereignty over any part of their lives thousands of years ago, and predatory taxation was a constant burden.

The first written tax recorded in human history may be the tax imposed during the historical Uruk Period (4000 to 3100 BC) in Uruk which later became an important Sumerian city state. The propaganda narrative to indoctrinate the Sumerian people to accept a shepherd government’s right to tax followed a common path used by later shepherd governments in the Fertile Crescent such as Akkad, and Babylon. The first propaganda premise used was the idea that the gods and goddesses who were fictional had sovereignty over everything including the land, labor, business transactions, marriage, divorce, men, women, and children. The second propaganda lie was that the priestesses and priests spoke for the gods and goddesses who were the same gods and goddesses that the ruling elites invented over a long period of time to support their religious indoctrination narratives. These two indoctrination ideas let the priestesses and priests claim the right to deprive individuals of their own innate sovereighty over their lives so that everything including the land, crops, family relationships, and labor could be taxed. The crop tax appears to be the first predatory tax imposed on sovereign individuals in human history, and it was recorded using proto-cuneiform writing. The invention of proto-cuneiform led to the eventual development of the first complete writing system in history. The Sumerian cuneiform writing system was used for over 3,000 years by many other people including the Akkadians, Babylonians, Hittites, and Assyrians to record the forced taxes imposed on sovereign individuals by centralized governments.

In ancient Kiengir, it is believed that the idea of inventing goddesses was implemented before the idea of inventing fictional gods. Sumerians were indoctrinated to believe the propaganda narrative that Sumerian kings received their right to rule from a female goddess. Predatory Gynocentrism was very active in ancient Kiengir. The ruling elite priestesses were the Gynocrats of ancient Kiengir who had significant religious and political power to help them impose Predatory Gynocentrism on men and boys as described in “Predatory Gynocentrism: How to Succeed in a Gynocentric Civilization.”

Current endeavors to fully develop a decentralized web is part of the long journey to eventually free humanity from the prehistoric idea of a centralized, shepherd government whose existence was first recorded on Sumerian clay tablets thousands of years ago. All shepherd governments have engaged in democide, forced labor, imposing predatory gynocentrism on men and boys, enforcing a progressive, predatory lifetime taxation, fiat money schemes, and other authoritarian practices. Today, ruling elites claim sovereignty over the Internet, and creating a decentralized web is symbolic of the natural urge of each individual to be a sovereign individual who can freely express themselves on the Internet without fear of being exiled from cyberspace by the Internet Oligarchy. Participating in a decentrialized web can be a positive addition to your social technology that supports your efforts to lead a sovereign individual lifestyle. Individuals not only need to have sovereignty over their own NFT domain name, but sovereignty over their labor, property, children, and more.

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