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Below is a list of some of the Internet sites including blogs, and websites that are part of the Manosphere Media.  These online sites are part of the Manosphere because they have media content related to information that is of interest to men including men’s rights, men’s health, relationships, men’s financial advice, and more. If you would like to add your link to this list, please use the contact form below to send us your website information.

Information Online, Internet Freedom 

Information Online
Online Library of Liberty
The Black Vault
Over 2 Million Declassified Documents
Message Forums – UFO Case Files

 What is the Manosphere?

The Manosphere is the totality of male-centered or Male Sovereign thought that is expressed in all of the media relating to men’s rights, masculinity defined by men themselves, MGTOW, red-pill relationships with women, male-centered lifestyles, men’s health, Pick up Artists (PUAs), business and financial advice for men, predatory gynocentrism, and other male-centered topics. The media can be online or it can be offline. Since much of the worldwide communication between guys takes place on the Internet, fighting digital authoritarianism should also be considered one of the important topics of the Manosphere.

Enemies of the Manosphere typically attack the beliefs and concepts of the Manosphere with ridiculous, immature criticism. For example, they may describe MRAs and MGTOW who fight against such serious injustices as paternity fraud, alimony, anti-male domestic violence laws, and being used as cannon fodder in war as just the whining of bitter men. Guys know only too well that it isn’t bitterness, but a logical, well-thought-out protest against injustice.

Other attempts to divide the Manosphere include trying to divide men and boys by age, race, wealth, and other factors, but all men and boys of all ages, races, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic classes continue to suffer financially, psychologically, physically, and socially under the predatory gynocentrism that has strategically embedded itself into every influential societal institution in today’s fast-paced world. In short, the Manophere consists of guys helping each other understand the depth of the predatory gynocentrism in society that has sent them to die in wars since the beginning of time and continues to want more types of male sacrifice everyday. Also, it is a large number of guys helping each other find male-centered solutions to overcome the misandry so that they can continue on their life’s journey following a more male-centered lifestyle that brings them a more fulfilling life. In other words, more Male Sovereignty.

I don’t think that the final definition of the Manosphere has been written yet, but sooner or later it will be written. After all, guys invented things like engineering, philosophy, and quantum mechanics, so sooner or later guys will solve this predatory gynocentrism problem too. Right now, we do not fully understand the pathological Predatory Gynocentrism Ideology (PGI) that has driven the creation of the social structure of our current gynocentric civilization. Below are a few videos about the Manosphere.

Video: The Manosphere is a Response to Injustice
Video: The State of the Manosphere

Video: The Manosphere Expressions Go Viral and People are Taking Notice

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